Food Sanitation

food safety 300x198 Food SanitationFood business in Philippines are one of the most great opportunity because of the recipes made and most of the earning restaurants have the clean and proper dining because if you have a dirty restaurant no one will be there and you will be in jail because there is a law in food sanitation. Once you have the market all you have to do is clean the utensils, kitchen of your restaurant etc. because most of the five star restaurant give the needs of a customer so they earn big and most of the people choose what is the best food and what is the cleanest food that they tasted. Food poison is one of the crime in the food business because it will kill you and to prevent that plan about the cleaning and plan about what is the best market on your location. Safe water or let me say purified water can prevent food poisoning, clean your goods at the same time and double check it once the food will be expired. To prevent the expiration first you have to do is check the dates of your products if the food will expired in a month or 2 months before, i will give you a tip for the expired good or let me say before it expires first give some promos like buy one take one or buy one take two, second don’t let your goods not sell within the day or else and finally consult to your friends to buy it and make your day a hard day to sell all the goods before it expires. Many people get some business once the franchises are good in quality and best in market, just check their sanitation once you open some food business for the safety of the people and specially you.

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