The Best Siomai Food Cart Franchise of 2013

SE 216x300 The Best Siomai Food Cart Franchise of 2013

So we’re already done with The Best Binatog and Buko Shake Franchises of 2013, and now next up is The Best Siomai Food Cart Franchise of 2013. First let’s find out what is siomai and why it is one of the most franchised food cart here in the Philippines

What is siomai?

Siomai or also what we call Chinese Dumplings, is a kind of meatball, usually made of pork, beef or shrimp combined with different kinds of seasoning and flavorings and wrapped in a very thin sheet of dough. It is usually steamed and served with soy sauce. Now you can buy siomai everywhere, you can spot a siomai food cart inside malls, at train stations, transport terminals etc.

Why do Filipinos love Siomai?

Like what i said, siomai food carts are everywhere, from mall food courts to transport terminals, it’s because we Filipinos love eating siomai. We love siomai because it’s easy to eat (it is bite size),  and very delicious, also, some siomai food cart offers wide varieties of siomai aside from the usual Pork, they also have beef, chicken, shrimp and the all time favorite Japanese siomai. Siomai food cart is one of the most franchised food cart here in the Philippines because there will always be someone who want to eat siomai, meaning there will always be a target market.

Now, here’s the list of  The Best Siomai Food Cart Franchises of 2013:

* Master Siomai

* Siomai Express

* Siomai House

* Shanghai Siomai

And that’s it! If you are interested to have a Siomai Food Cart Business, feel free to comment down below, for us to be able to answer all of your concerns.

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